Runic Labs

I created Runic Labs initially to have a place to tinker and play with technology that I’m learning. Anyone who is serious in the IT field has a domain and this was to be my playground.

It’s turned into a place where I post technology related posts along with real world like examples and demos to include code. One of the main components of the rise of DevOps is automation and it is often times hard to find good examples on the internet of how to implement certain tools and scenarios as the ones you do find tend to be overly simplistic. My contributions to the Runic Labs website and GitHub repo are to provide more complex real world like examples that are automated utilizing IasC principals.

The other intended goal of Runic Labs is to have a place to showcase some of my work and contribute to the greater IT community.

Go ahead and click the link above to check out what I’ve been up to over there.

Matt Andes
Matt Andes
IT Consultant/Real Estate Investor

I specialize in DevOps, cloud computing, virtualization, containerization, and automation. When not working I like spending time with my family, doing hobbies, and investing in real estate.