Hosting Provider Decision

So today I write to talk about my decision on where to host this blog. As you probably know from my first blog post I decided to use the static site generator called Hugo to create my site. I found that there are a number of ways and places to host a site like this.

The biggest decision factors for me right now since I’m just starting out where cost and ease of use. With that in mind, I decided to use the GitLab Pages to host my blog because they have support for Hugo out of the box and it was really easy to get it going. It also helps that I already use GitLab for a couple of other private projects.

I would have liked to host it on GitHub since that is the most popular Git hosting service but I would have had to do a bit more work to get things going and automated. Maybe down the road as I work on learning some new cloud technologies I might move it there and host it a different way. Until then, we will see how GitLab Pages works out for me.

Matt Andes
Matt Andes
IT Consultant/Real Estate Investor

I specialize in DevOps, cloud computing, virtualization, containerization, and automation. When not working I like spending time with my family, doing hobbies, and investing in real estate.