First Post

Well, all sites have to have a first post so here is mine. I created this blog because I attempted to start a blog using Wordpress a few years back and ended up failing after a couple of months. I didn’t have enough time to keep up with maintaining the platform and was also working on projects that I couldn’t share much about.

The work I’m doing now both professionally and personally allows me to share more and will hopefully help me to show case my skills and expertise in the field while also benefiting others. To address my time issue with maintaining my blog platform, I have switched to using a static site generator named Hugo. I came across Hugo while reading an article on one of my favorite blogs by Scott Lowe.

My site in its current form takes a lot of influence from Scott’s blog but as I get more familiar with the platform I imagine I will make more changes to give it my own flare. I thank Scott for the many good articles on his blog that have helped me or given me ideas to further my own skills and work flows to become a better IT professional and I hope to return the favor to others.

Matt Andes
Matt Andes
IT Consultant/Real Estate Investor

I specialize in DevOps, cloud computing, virtualization, containerization, and automation. When not working I like spending time with my family, doing hobbies, and investing in real estate.